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Why Bloom

At Bloom Science we balance fun with the serious business of changing lives. We have a values-driven culture that is built from the ground up. We empower our team members to treat every clinical trial like a patient’s life depends on it – because it does. Our leaders are in the trenches with you – committed to advancing science and moving mountains for a potentially transformational approach to medicine.

Our Core Values

Relentless curiosity:

We are scientists. We seek to understand how things work, and we’re constantly asking questions – not only “why” or “if,” but “how.” We provide space and structure to be creative, experiment, and discover. We are humble and acknowledge that we may not always know the answers, but we welcome and listen to diverse ideas and perspectives so that we can increase our knowledge, improve, and grow. We don’t just raise the issues – we find the solution. We see the possibilities through the problem. We think big, and we challenge thoughtfully.

Challenge as catalyst:

We are pioneers. We tackle and scale problems that haven’t been solved or have inadequate solutions because we believe we can do better. We roll up our sleeves and work hard to get the job done. We readily take calculated risks and try new things, but we also admit and learn from our mistakes. We are resilient in the face of adversity and persevere through uncertainty because we are passionate about our work and our mission. We do not back down from a setback or change in direction – we embrace it!

Disrupt with purpose:

We are innovators and visionaries. We not only envision the type of future we want to create – we’re in the lab building the tactical solutions to solve those problems. We think outside the box and challenge the status quo because we want to revolutionize the way we treat disease. We are driven by a mission greater than ourselves and a sense of purpose that our work is meaningful and will help others. We will boldly blaze the trail and look beyond the obvious solutions so we can deliver on our commitment to improve the lives of patients and their families.

Strength in Empathy:

We are better together. We respect each other’s individuality and actively listen with empathy to build awareness and understanding of others’ feelings and perspectives. We care personally and put the needs of our patients and colleagues first. We bring our whole, authentic selves to work, and we show compassion for vulnerability. We believe we can accomplish together what we cannot alone. We value our unique experiences, passions, and points of view while leveraging the strength of our collective talents to achieve our goals – as a team.


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